Whitfield Mansion

Whitfield Mansion

Old WhitfieldIt’s sometimes erroneously called the “Pickle Palace”, at 1506 South Perry Street, is Mediterranean Style and was built in 1920. Today it is the home of gambling tycoon Milton McGregor, who is wont to say,” You could be a winner too!” But the house, designed by the favorite of Montgomery’s wealthy, Frank Lockwood, was built for Montgomery Mogul L.B. Whitfield. Whitfield was a real estate developer and entrepreneur of renowned, and he founded the Alaga Syrup line here. He also started the W&W Pickle Company in Montgomery ca 1925 (5 years after he built this house) as a joint venture with his son. Whitfield hired my wife’s grandfather, Ed Langham, and sent him to Texas as a cucumber buyer for the pickle plant.  Ed filled that role in Texas for 20 years. Rumor has it there is a pool in the basement, but maybe some kind soul that knows will tell us.

-Charles Humphries

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