Ware-Farley-Hood House

Ware Farley Hood

was located on South Hull Street, a little South of Adams, when planter James Ware built it ca 1855. Ware had it designed in Italianate Style. After his death the structure served as a girls school. Sheriff Horace Hood owned it next, and his wife turned it into a Southern Colonial.  Circa 1909 presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan spoke from its balcony (Bryan lost that election, but he was the great orator who attacked evolution in the famous Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925). In 1956 Old South Life Insurance bought the place and its image became the emblem of stability for the company. Then, in 1988, the RSA bought the city block on which to erect the ACC Parking Deck, and offered the displaced structures to any comer. Landmarks Foundation accepted this house and moved it to Old Alabama Town. There it was returned to its Italianate roots, and today it stands in proud testimony to its rich history.

-Charles Humphries

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