The Wind Chime (That Never Was)


WSJ Feb 10, 1987In 1987 when the Courthouse was approaching completion, County Fathers authorized the creation and installation of the world’s largest wind chime. Renowned chime artisans were located in upstate New York. The New York Times and many other news sources wrote articles and sent reporters,Great publicity. . . Click on image at right for the WSJ article. Alas, after it was erected, the circuit judges declared they could not rule while chimes tinkled. Down came the chimes. These days I like to think the poor chime is resurrected at some worthy lakefront site, and its melodious sounds are wafting across the water.


Below is the intrepid group sent by the County in 1980 to look at jails and courthouses in Columbia and Savannah. L>R yours truly, Sheriff Butler’s driver, Bob Merrill (court administrator), Calvin Huggins (Butler’s chief deputy), Commissioner Cleavy Johnson, Ken Ricci (NY jail consultant), Sheriff Mac Sim Butler (who opposed the project), Chief Circuit Judge Perry Hooper, PH&J architect John Gandy, County Commission Chairman Mack McKinney, and Commissioners Mac McWhorter, and Bill Joseph.

Group Pic1

-Charles Humphries

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