State Trooper Licensing Unit

State Trooper Licensing

out on Coliseum Boulevard. It was built in 1954. Alabama’s Trooper unit was created in 1935 as The Alabama Highway Patrol, back when Bibb Graves was governor. It began with 74 officers, who underwent a ten day crash course at the Gay-Teague Hotel on Commerce Street. Gov Graves intended that they all be motorcycle patrol officers. In 1939 the identity was changed to The Dept of Public Safety. Around 1950 the Patrol Division was divided into four Districts: Decatur, Birmingham, Montgomery and Evergreen. A District Office was built for each one, and this was Montgomery’s. This small office, along with a large auto repair shop, was my first major solo as a draftsman, three years out of college, some 60 years ago.

-Charles Humphries

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