Senior Officer’s Quarters

Officers Quarters

This is a 3-star general’s housing in the Senior Officer’s Quarters Section at Maxwell. It represents one of several designs that were employed when some 100 such units were built at the Base in the early 1930s, funded during the Depression as one of many such appropriations FDR used in his attempt to jump-start the economy. All the units were supposedly designed in French Provincial Style, a slight departure from the several prior pseudo styles employed on earlier permanent buildings there. The exterior walls are of hollow clay tile, covered in textured stucco, and set off by concrete quoins and red tile roofs. The rooms are small by today’s norms, but by the standards of 1930 these were considered quite luxurious. The area is beautifully kept, and the overall effect makes this one of the most pleasing historic districts in all of Montgomery.

-Charles Humphries

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