Sage Blockhouse 2

Sage Blockhouse

The 4-story reinforced concrete blockhouse . . . at Gunter Annex was constructed in 1957 as part of a hush-hush AF system which was to provide early warning of a Soviet nuclear attack. Us citizens were sure this facility would lead the Soviets to target Montgomery if they decided to attack. The Blockhouse was continuously manned until 1969, and after that civilians were allowed to tour and marvel at the wondrous technology housed within. The existence of the facility at Gunter was certainly one of the factors which led to the placement of the Air Force Data System Design Center at Gunter, as well as the establishment of Montgomery as a computer center. Because access to Gunter was difficult, this view was taken from the adjacent Gunter Industrial Park, thru and across several security fences.

Sage 1962

Blockhouse circa 1962

-Charles Humphries

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