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RSA Plaza Block Demolition Clipping

It seemed that each of the separate phases of design and construction brought its own bit of intrigue.  2WR’s demolition package, mentioned above, was to start around January 1, 1989, but two days before the preceding Christmas, the Alabama Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA) secured a restraining order against David Bronner and his assistant Marc Reynolds, forbidding them from demolishing the 750 Washington Building, in which the ATLA had offices.  The order even prohibited Dr. Bronner from “harassing, intimidating or threatening” the ATLA staff.  Heaven forbid!

Apparently the matter was quickly resolved because the demolition began shortly after the scheduled date.  The deal cut between the RSA and the Trial Lawyers required the ATLA to vacate the building without protest.  The RSA was to make space available to various lobbyists on the first floor of the proposed new office building.  Thus it came to be that when tenant fit-out time came, we designed first floor spaces for the Trial Lawyers, the Petroleum Council, South Central Bell, and the Norfolk and Southern Railroad.  These non-state entities thereby secured occupancy in what was otherwise to be a State office building, one which was only l00 feet from the Statehouse.

As time wore on, and as other buildings were built, and different governors took office, the RSA was forced (and found it to be to its advantage) to allow private entities to lease space in all its buildings.

-Charles Humphries (“Peril and Intrigue Within Architecture”)

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