RSA Dexter

RSA Dexter

Tthe latest RSA endeavor stands defiantly at the head of Dexter and encompasses the old Supreme Court building (see below). Inside this 12 floor building is many office spaces and even a state of the art data center (also below). RSA Dexter is the third tallest building in the city. The shot allows a good view of the steel V-cables that support the truss that spans the cavity which engulfs the old State Supreme Court Building. This is the only building downtown that can stare down the SPLC Headquarters across the way.

Supreme Court

Jonah and the Whale; this is Jonah at left, as seen in a postcard depiction of our former State Supreme Court Building. It was built as a Masonic Temple, and today it is being enveloped by a huge RSA office project. It sits directly across from the King Memorial, and today its old facade can be seen plaintively looking out from the belly of the whale.

-Charles Humphries

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