Doctors Blue House

Doctor Blue House

The Doctors Blue House . . . That’s what I named it, because Dr John H Blue and Dr George Blue both lived here in the early part of the 1900s, descendants of the Henry Blue family, subjects of Ms Neeley’s recent publication, “The Works of Matthew Blue”. I could have called this the Patterson Place, because this is where Gov John Patterson lived after his term expired in 1963. Patterson, remember, was the only man who ever beat George Wallace in an election.

I think this outstanding residence at 210 Felder was built in the first decade of the previous century, soon after Algenon Blair built his own house across the street, and it’s likely Blair built this one too.  I also think this is the most prestigious estate in the Garden District, what with its ample grounds, wrought iron fence, the Vatican lions, the structures and the loving care. I’d call this Colonial Georgian, embellished with a lavish American Federal entrance. But I’m not a historian. Finally, I read somewhere that Frank Lockwood designed Algenon Blair’s neighboring house, and it’s likely he designed this one as well. So, to keep all this in context, remember that this mansion was built right about the time architect Richard Whaley was designing the now heralded Craftsman Cottages over in Capitol Heights, and Whaley gave up on Montgomery and moved to California.

-Charles Humphries

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