City Auditorium (City Hall)

…built ca 1937 by Montgomery contractor Algenon Blair, a friend of my Grandfather Banks. Montgomery’s city hall burned in 1932, and this was the replacement. For 30-odd years this auditorium was the scene of Montgomery’s big events, balls, and productions. It was cooled by sliding huge blocks of ice into the basement and blowing air across the ice pile. Perhaps its crowning moment was the funeral of Hank Williams in 1953. Now being converted to admin space and thus absorbed by the city hall offices on each side; how sad! The hall was recently renovated to a large public meeting space.


The bronze tablets of these two icons of Montgomery grace the columned portico of the Auditorium depicted above. Richard Montgomery, for whom the city was named, and Andrew Dexter, principal founder.

-Charles Humphries


Last two photos courtesy of Alabama Department of Archives and History

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