Alabama’s Liberty Bell Replica

Sits at the South end of our State Capitol, right at the apex of the Avenue of Flags. The original Liberty Bell is situated at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and supposedly it was rung in July of 1776 to announce the first reading of our Declaration of Independence. It had been cast 25 years before and inscribed with the words “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof” (Leviticus 25:10). There is no tablet alongside the Alabama version which credits its origin, nor has it even been accorded a level base, but I believe this full-size reproduction is one of 50 such replicas cast by the Paccard Foundry in France in 1950, on order from the US Treasury. The castings were given to each of the States to display as part of a 1950 savings bond drive. Alabama received Replica No. 38, sort of like a signed print of a limited edition. Yes, it arrived here with more commercial than historic roots, but it appears to be a creditable casting, it does commemorate the founding of our Nation, and it has been here 60 years now, historic in itself. It seems like the ADAH just set it out in the yard somewhere.

-Charles Humphries

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