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Yost Res

For almost a half century this imposing house at 3191 Thomas Avenue was the Yost Residence. Back 70 years ago the property was so big it took two yardmen to keep it up (of course you didn’t have blow & go machines then). Mr Walter Yost was in the lumber biz, and appears to have done well. No brick house for him. Even today it is an impressive structure, but the most interesting thing about the place was a playhouse in the backyard which Mr Yost had built for his daughter Marilyn. I have it on good authority that when she had outgrown her dollhouse, Marilyn allowed dragons to inhabit the little house, and she encouraged the creatures to keep the little neighbor boys away. Marilyn was a neighbor of mine in Gay Meadows for almost a decade; later, after her four boys had grown up, she moved back and lived in this house for a number of years. I supposeĀ  the dragons were all gone by then.

-Charles Humphries

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