Upchurch Residence

Upchurch Residence

AKA Monticello lives on, at 2233 Woodley Road was built by Ken Upchurch Sr to fulfill a lifelong ambition. Ken founded Upchurch Construction Co in 1930, a venture that still exists today, carried on by Ken Jr, and now Ken III. Ken Sr spent 30 years planning and dreaming about this house, and he finally built it around 1965. The elder Ken was a great admirer of President Thomas Jefferson, and he designed and built his dreamhouse to resemble Jefferson’s renowned Virginia home, Monticello. And thus it is of no surprise that that Upchurch Construction is located on Monticello Drive. I think Mr Upchurch did a most remarkable job with his dream; I am told that architect Delma Warner of Macon Georgia assisted. Their work often elicits a double-take from passing students of architectural history.

-Charles Humphries

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