Tyson Maner House

Tyson Maner House

This house stands at the corner of High and McDonough Streets in mute testimony to its will to survive. It was constructed in 1888 in what was then a very fashionable neighborhood by a successful young Lowndesboro planter come-to-town in 1877, named Archibald Pitt Tyson. It is of many styles, but mostly Victorian Italianate. The Tysons entertained lavishly, and their guests were often entertained by the playing of their daughter Anne, who was born blind but became an accomplished pianist. Helen Keller, who lived in Montgomery for a time, was a frequent guest; while Keller could not hear the music, she could feel the vibrations and was encouraged by knowledge that the pianist was blind like she was. The house is now home to law offices. The National Registry of Historic Places has some very nice photos of this house and property.

-Charles Humphries

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