Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian

…was organized in 1891 as a split-off from First Presbyterian, and named itself Central Presbyterian. In 1913 the church changed its name to Trinity, and relocated from downtown to the outskirts of town, at the corner of Hull and Felder. 35 years later it had become the dominant church in the Presbytery of East Alabama. In 1951 its sanctuary was destroyed in a terrible fire that took the life of two firemen. The church then hired renowned church architect Harold Wagoner of Philadelphia to design their present sanctuary, which is declared to be Georgian Style. Perhaps the overall church plan is Georgian, but some Greek Revival surely crept onto the front of their handsome sanctuary. Then, some 20 years later, someone decided the 1952 steeple was too short,  and it was replaced with the taller one you see today.

trinity presbyterian postcardAt left is a postcard likeness of Trinity as it existed before the fire. Then it had six columns and a portico that extended the full width of the sanctuary.


Charles Humphries

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