Thigpen House 1

Thigpen House

The very impressive Thigpen House. . . at 1412 South Perry, situated at the head of Clanton Avenue. This was probably built around the turn of the previous century and seems to be a blend of Greek Revival and Italianate. The Thigpen Family lived here for neigh onto a half-century, and may well have built it.

I’ve been told this house became the De facto Governor’s Mansion during Fob James’ first term (1980-’84), when his wife Bobbie refused to live in the official residence (two blocks away), and the couple lived here (Fob’s address during that period was obscured by the City Directory). During Fob’s second term (1996-’00), Bobbie must have relented because they did live in the real Gov Mansion during that term. But the official mansion extracted revenge on Bobbie by trapping her in the mansion elevator, nightgown clad, until a large entourage of technicians, troopers and official onlookers had assembled to restart the machine and observe the procedure. I don’t blame the house one bit.

-Charles Humphries

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