The Prado 1


Oh, this is so sad . . . the last vestige of The Prado. You are looking at what has to be two of the four survivors of some forty (?) buildings that made up the grand apartment complex that so proudly stood on the SW corner of Fairview and Court. The complex was built in the late 1940s, part of first post-war construction. For a decade and more it was THE prestigious address for young couples and singles. The South and West sides of the complex were formed by a newly built street named “The Prado”, so most of the dwellers had that as their address. Look close and you can discern the West leg of that very street, which these two forlorn and decrepit units faced back in their days of glory. I lived here 1951-’53, right out of college, so very proud. ¬†Even my friend Holly Simpson spent early years in the Prado when she and Franklin moved here.

-Charles Humphries

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