at 1655 Federal Drive was dedicated in 1986, and is one of four such markets operated in Montgomery by the Alabama Farmer’s Market Authority. During these days of austerity, it barely clings to life. This building is the produce marketing outlet, one of a half-dozen buildings in the complex, all […]

Montgomery State Farmers Market

Part of the Montgomery State Farmers Market on Federal Drive at Coliseum Boulevard. It has provided breakfast and lunch for produce vendors and their customers for a quarter century. This building was the one most visible from the intersection, and it stood as the image of the complex. Notice in the […]

State Market Cafe

State Trooper Licensing
out on Coliseum Boulevard. It was built in 1954. Alabama’s Trooper unit was created in 1935 as The Alabama Highway Patrol, back when Bibb Graves was governor. It began with 74 officers, who underwent a ten day crash course at the Gay-Teague Hotel on Commerce Street. Gov Graves intended that […]

State Trooper Licensing Unit