Cloverdale Shopping Center 1
on South Court, ancient and decrepit –but still vibrant. It was the centerpiece of Folmar & Flinn’s vast Cloverland Housing development of the late 1940s –a stunning achievement for that era. Of course, the sidewalk covers were added later. The TruValue hardware store you see was the Cloverland Grocery anchor […]

Cloverland Shopping Center

Eastdale Mall
This mall opened in 1977, Aranov’s pride and joy, and despite numerous remodeling, it still exudes a certain 1970’s charm. Notable for its ice skating rink, and for its still operating 8-screen movie theater. A sister of University Mall in Tuscaloosa, it boasts four anchor department stores –100 outlets total […]

Eastdale Mall

Looking at the flea market image on Coliseum Boulevard, you would never suspect that long ago this modest strip-mall was East Montgomery’s answer to the mighty Normandale Shopping Center on the South side of town. Birmingham’s Loveman’s Department Store anchored Normandale, so the Montgomery Fair, our homegrown version, became the […]

Eastbrook Shopping Center