…out along Chantilly Parkway, from wince the parkway took its name, built circa 1835. When speeding down the parkway, you can still see the old house if you know the exact instant to look. During the latter part of the previous century, the structure was often rented out as a […]

Chantilly Plantation House

  …the one with the unique built-in Gazebo, stands on Goldthwaite Street at the foot of Martha, another of those grand old homes that made up the once proud Cottage Hill District. I’m told that the structure dates to 1895, and that Walker was from Tuskegee (where his great uncle, […]

B W Walker House

…was built in 1909 as a white clapboard by banker Louis Moore. Warren Tyson owned it in 1923 and converted it to the then popular Tudor Style. I believe that Felder was the city limit line about then. The renowned Helen Keller stayed here often, as her sister, Mildred Keller, […]

Moore-Tyson House