One of our many schizo bank buildings, this one having been built in the early 1970s as the main offices of Montgomery’s Exchange Bank, highly and proudly visible from the brand new I-85. That entity morphed into Southtrust Bank and was one of our favorite clients. Later still, the poor […]

Exchange Bank

Sterling Bank
at 4121 Carmichael Road has been there since 1989. Sterling is a division of Synovus Bank, one of the largest “community banks” in the southeast. It has holdings in five states (primarily Georgia), and each of its many divisions has a different name. Thus, Sterling appears as a “local” bank […]

Sterling Bank Headquarters

Green Lantern
It’s at the corner of Carter Hill and McGehee Roads and where I banked. Back as far as the “Roaring 20s”, out on the outskirts of town, there was this notorious dive called the Green Lantern on this site. It was “gangster built”, dark inside, had a dance floor, served platter-sized steaks. […]

Green Lantern Branch Bank

Colonial Bank Downtown
…As seen across Court Square. The handsome granite-clad building on the right was the home office of Colonial, Montgomery’s only home bank, before it moved out to the Techna’ area off I-85 and died. However, us real old timers still look at this corner and think of the Exchange Hotel, […]

Colonial Bank Downtown

Colonial Bank East
Poor Colonial Bank, which fled downtown, only to fall on its face two years later. Below you see its new 210,000 sf headquarters out East, next to the Technacenter, with BB&T banners covering the name. Colonial was the only bank with its home in Montgomery, ergo a source of much […]

Colonial Bank East