Sir George Waller

You would never believe this (I almost didn’t), but this poor relic of a once grand plantation house, was where Sir George Waller grew up circa 1900. This structure, until just recently an AUM bookstore, stands on Taylor road opposite the University, giving no hint of its grandeur of a century ago. Even its massive covered front porch (shady side) is gone. Anyway, as a young man of 27, George found himself as U.S. Charge’ d’ Affairs to tiny Luxembourg (it was too small to rate a real ambassador) when the dreaded German Huns invaded at the onset of WW I. Most foreign diplomats fled in the face of the German onslaught, but not George. He stood alongside the besieged Duchess who was ruler, bravely declaring, “I have met the Hun and smelt his carrion breath”. In gratitude for his gallantry, the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg later made him an Honorary Citizen of her small country. Back home in Montgomery, feeling like he had been knighted, George gave himself the title “Sir George Waller”, and thereafter he appeared at all the balls resplendent in his diplomatic uniform, complete with a wide red award-sash embellished with a gold citizen-medallion, and sporting pince-nez glasses. I have been told that Sir George cut a fine figure. Around 2016 the property was bought, building demolished and a Jack’s fastfood restaurant opened in its place.

-Charles Humphries

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