Samuel Schloss House

Samuel Schloss House

at 3233 Thomas Avenue was built circa 1938 by Sam Schloss Sr and his wife Amelia. Sam so admired the house across the street (built about 8 years previously) that he hired Frank Lockwood  (who had designed the other house) to draw up its mirror image for him. This is the result. But sad to say, Sam and Amelia had lived there but a short time when Sam became ill and Amelia felt overwhelmed by the large mansion. Ergo, she sold and they moved into a smaller home on Felder.

Sam’s father Leopold, together with Maurice Kahn, had founded Montgomery’s renowned Schloss & Kahn commission-wholesale grocery business in 1871, and Sam had worked his way up in the business to become its president.  By its 100th anniversary in1971, the company had moved from its  near 100-year downtown existence (in the building where Bishop-Parker operates today), into a huge distribution warehouse out on US 80 West (Selma Hwy), and become known as the home of much loved Sunday Dinner Products. Its fleet of trucks served the food service industry across four states. Some time later the company was sold to become an arm of national, then international, food giants, and S&K lives on today under that umbrella.

-Charles Humphries

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