RSA Plaza

RSA Plaza

Completed in 1990. The smallest and the first of the Retirement Systems rental office endeavors, but the one over which most of the wars were fought. Given how much RSA investments have improved our downtown, it’s hard to believe that this one was vigorously opposed by the Mayor, the Governor, the Chamber, the media, and, of course, the real estate moguls. In the face of that much opposition, it’s a wonder it was ever built. Its design and construction was a wild ride!


Many of the PH&J Gang Were Present in 1993 When the Firm Was Presented a Prestegious ASID Award for Its Interior Design Work on the RSA Plaza. Yours truly, project manager, accepting the award in the center.

-Charles Humphries

There are many more stories (too much for one post) on the RSA Plaza. Below are some of those stories from Charles Humphries’ book titled The Peril & Intrigue Within Architecture.


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