Riverfront Stadium

Riverfront Stadium

… at the corner of Tallapoosa and Coosa Streets, is surely the centerpiece of Montgomery’s riverfront development. The home of the Montgomery Biscuits. Opened in 2004 with a capacity of 6,000 fans.  It is said to be the best utilization of an existing building in stadium design, of any minor league park in the nation. Credit HOK-Architects of Kansas City, world renowned stadium designers.

According to the cornerstone emblem mounted high on its street corner, the structure pictured was built in 1898. It was the depot for the Great Western Railroad of Alabama, and it did handle passengers, but mostly freight. The original structure was U-shaped, with a 2-story main building that faced Coosa Street and two 1-story freight wings. But after the enduring building ended its 75+ years as railroad offices with attached freight warehouse, it became a 131-room hotel, restaurant, then law offices. Nothing seemed to work. So it became a baseball stadium.

Inside Stadium

The borrowed view at right is of the same warehouse, but from the field side. The seating bowl was created by excavating the playing field to 10+ feet below street level, a grade well below flood stages I have seen in the area. Exciting days are ahead for the centerpiece.

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