Powder Magazine

Powder Magazine

was built in 1862 as a safe place to store gun powder, like in out-of-town. The windowless structure has 2-foot thick brick walls, and still has its original slate roof. The walls are plain, except for an elaborate brickwork frieze. It is located in “Powder Magazine Park”, just off Bell Street at the foot of Eugene Street, hardly a hundred feet from the Alabama River. It is one of two such structures left in the State. This was the saddest excursion I’ve been on. The vacated, rundown houses, the half demolished housing project, the empty park surrounded by a high wrought iron fence, all combine to give the place a desolate feeling. Maybe it will turn into something grand when the Bell Street work is done. Behind the powder magazine, perched on the overgrown river bank, is a substantial gazebo with a bridge leading over to it. The gazebo would likely offer a nice view, were you allowed to approach it. Perhaps the ongoing Bell Street work will include this improvement.

-Charles Humphries

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