Old Municipal Airport Terminal

Municipal Airport Terminal

The old Municipal Airport Terminal still stands on Gunter Annex to Maxwell AFB, reminding us that the Montgomery Municipal Airport, later named for Mayor Bill Gunter, was built in 1929. The 600-acre airfield had a grass landing strip,  and this combination hanger- terminal building. Mayor Gunter, a flying enthusiast, was so proud of his creation.  Then, along came WW II, and the U S War Department took the facility for use as a flying school for the Army Air Corps. The Government leased an additional 400 acres and built concrete runways. During the war, thousands of American, British, Canadian, Chinese and French cadets trained at Gunter, one of 48 Air Corps fields located in Alabama during War-Two. Sometime in the early 1970s, the US Govt returned a large portion of the acreage to Montgomery, and the recovered land became Gunter Industrial Park and the Lagoon Park Golf Course and Rec Center. The photo was taken from without the Base, thru the perimeter fence.

-Charles Humphries

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