Old Ice House

Now offices make a wonderful reuse of the historic building. This was the old Ice House, which, in its heyday, filled such an important place in the fabric of our community. The structure housed the Segall-Nathan Ice Manufacturing Co, founded at this location during the 1920s, and it was a Montgomery fixture for almost ¾ of a century. Back in the 1950s, when May and I needed extra ice for a social affair (more than our little lever-arm metal ice trays could make), she would send me down here to buy a 50lb block, and I would bring it home in the car trunk wrapped in burlap to slow the melting. There we would ice-pick off useable chunks. The ice house ice was crystal clear, much finer and longer lasting than the sack-ice we bought at the convenience store in later years!

-Charles Humphries

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