Old Circuit City Store

Behold the remnant of the once grand Circuit City Store . . . at 500 Eastdale Loop (behind Max Credit Union). The Eastdale store opened with great fanfare circa 1990, a wonderland of electronic magic, with plenty of clerks, all real computer geeks with whom you could discuss a purchase. Circuit City lasted 50 years as a marketing concept, but by 2009 the big box stores had driven the chain into oblivion. This structure sat empty for years, but about 2006, along came “NCC—Safe Harbor”, a non-denominational church, which has remodeled away most of the magic dust. I think “NCC” stands for Northview Christian Church, a Dothan AL entity. What does that say about our city? While we send our missionaries to Africa, or China, or someplace like that, Dothan sent theirs here. I suppose we do have evil to spare, what with State government, and all that.

-Charles Humphries

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