Maxwell’s Building 1402

Bldg 1402

the Air Command and Staff College of the Air Force “Air University”. The University was founded in 1946, the same year the USAF was established as a separate branch of our Armed Services.  Construction of the University campus (known locally as the “Academic Circle”) began in 1950 as a series of stuccoed concrete block structures. Thirty years later, in 1980, abetted by our Congressman Bill Dickenson, the Air Force decided to upgrade the campus, and Building 1402 was selected to undergo a prototype make-over, a design which was ultimately carried out on the entire campus.

1402 Render

emblemLeft is an artist’s rendering of PH&J’s proposed  1980 design for Building 1402, which, over the next decade, was implemented as a remodeling of the entire Air University campus. This view is of the building front, which faces to the interior of the Academic Circle. At right is a redesign of the school emblem which we generated to be mounted beside the entrance. The view above shows additions to the street side (rear), made years later, but which maintained our 1980 scheme.

-Charles Humphries

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