Lewis House

Lewis HouseThis house has been cited as one of Montgomery’s finest examples of the California Bungalow/ Craftsman Style residence. Sadly, the present owners are allowing the lines and details to be obscured by vegetation. Nonetheless, behind the distinctive triple gable, the house boasts 11-foot ceilings, a basement, decorative rafter ends, and it fronts on a gracious street with a median. As evidenced by the street layout, the area was originally intended by its developers to be an exclusive park-like neighborhood with large lots, somewhat like Cloverdale, but that was not to be. This house was built circa 1920 for a C D Lewis, for whom Lewis Street (a block closer to town) was named. The architect was Richard Whaley, who had studied in California and had designed his own home over on Lewis Street. I lived in California at a very early age, and in a house of much the same character as this one.

-Charles Humphries

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