Huntingdon’s Hut

Huntingdon Hut

This is The Hut at Huntingdon College, built by the YWCA in 1922, as the campus social center. Back in those days the YW was far and away the strongest student organization on campus. That group conceived the idea for the building and raised the money. The structure cost about $11,000, a large sum in the early twenties. The funds were raised over a two year period via student pledges, bazaars, candy sales and senior class gifts. The college put in a thousand. When it was finally opened, the girls sat on a few chairs and rugs contributed by the college, but mostly on sofa cushions stuffed by the students. The principal decoration was an immense University of Alabama banner presented by the University student body president (later to be known as US Senator John Sparkman). I think travel between Tuscaloosa and Montgomery was relatively easy back then because the two cities were connected by the GM&O railroad and its “Doodle-Bug” run.

-Charles Humphries

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