George Wallace Grave

George Wallace Grave

Here in the lighthouse circle astride the Greenwood Cemetery entrance drive, lies the remains of the renowned George Corley Wallace, powerful political figure, elected governor of Alabama four terms (five if you count Lurleen), twice 3rd party candidate for POTUS. His wife, Governor Lurleen, lies beside him. The Ionic columns are his family monument (not the lighthouse). But in his last years George was a pitiful figure, paralyzed from the gunshot, constantly in pain, suffering dementia (or drugged out). Despite all that, each day he was taken to a downtown office atop the old Professional Center Hospital building to satisfy some business or political interest. I encountered him there one day in 1990, and, despite having spent 16 years being punished by the Wallace machine, was saddened to see him that way. George and Lurleen are pictured here.

-Charles Humphries

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