Gateway Park Clubhouse

Gateway Clubhouse

located alongside I-65 just as you enter Montgomery from the South. The park opened in 2006, and is situated in a flood plain,  actually the site of a former mosquito infested bog fed by Cloverland Ditch. The clubhouse is raised to mitigate potential flood damage, and the underside is used to store golf carts and equipment. In addition to its 9-hole “Executive” golf course, the park features walking trails, a pond and ambitious plans. Before the park was built, the locales only human-like occupant was a water ski school which operated in a small retention pond fitted out with piers and jump ramps. The City retained the pond, and only last year a skier was killed there when he was swung into one of the heavy wooden structures. So far, the development has cost the City some $1.5M. Gateway appears to be vastly under-utilized, but it does afford a nice view when you pass thru town.

-Charles Humphries

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