First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church

…was founded 1829, and its early sanctuary was on Bibb Street directly across from the Murphy House (now Water Works). The Baptists gave that up in 1908 and moved into their new building up the hill on Perry Street. That sanctuary (pictured above) was started in 1905, but lack of funds delayed its full completion until 1923. It was modeled after a famous cathedral in Florence, Italy, and its red tiled dome is a city landmark. The view is from their slag parking lot across Perry Street, whereon sat the renowned Rosemont Gardens florists for 50+ years, and for 20 more, Harbin’s Office Supply –both having succumbed to the competition of national chains. This very large, highly successful, church wields much influence. When the County sought to close and annex a portion of Alabama Street to facilitate its Courthouse/Jail project in 1980, it only took a suggestion that First Baptist could benefit as well, and the deed was done forthwith.


A rendered view of their new addition.

Old First Baptist

The First Baptist as it existed on Bibb Street a hundred years ago, opposite the Murphy House. The structure was dedicated in 1854, but was long ago torn down.

-Charles Humphries

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