Eagle’s Nest

Eagles Nest

Back 60 to 70 years ago this house at 3541 Thomas Avenue was the Eagle’s Nest, but today its picture is interesting because of the arbor formed by the trees lining the short entrance drive. It makes you feel like you are entering a special place.  But back 60+ years ago, in the heyday of Aronov’s renowned Normandale Shopping Center, this was the home of Adolph and Roslyn Eagle. Adolph was a salesman with Aronov, and his wife ran the upscale “Roslyn Eagle Home Accessory Shop” in Normandale. I understand that back then the large Aronov apparatus kept in touch via a CB car-radio system (no cell fones in those days), and I have it from a reliable source that at the close of each day Adolph broadcast to all his cohorts, and to the rest of the world within range, “This is the Eagle returning to his nest.” Montgomery was just a little town back then, but it was a lot more fun.

-Charles Humphries

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