Dr. William Britton Residence

William Britton

The attractive home of Dr. William Britton . . . at 3260 Bankhead Avenue out in the Edgemont District of Old Cloverdale. Dr Britton and his wife, Margaret Mead Britton,  lived here when I moved to Montgomery in 1951. The house remained in that family for 50+ years.  I enjoy thinking of this as part of the “Arthur Mead Complex” on Bankhead, wherein the highly regarded Arthur Mead and both of his daughters all lived alongside or directly across from one another for at least a decade –until Arthur’s death, I believe. Instances where mature families with married offspring relate so well are most rare, and should be applauded.  Old timers can tie Mead to the Mead & Charles Insurance/ Real Estate firm, and to Meadhaven out in the Baptist Hospital South complex.

-Charles Humphries

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