Cloverdale Highschool

Built in the heady days when Cloverdale was its very own town, but soon to be incorporated into Montgomery. But when that came to pass, Montgomery had two white high schools, so there was this football game to decide which school would get to keep its name. Poor Cloverdale High lost the game (some said Lanier cheated), and became a junior high feeder into the winner, Sidney Lanier HS. Today, Cloverdale High is owned by Huntingdon College, whose main campus is across the street. It was a good buy for Huntingdon as they turned the highschool gym and football field into Huntingdon’s Samford Stadium.┬áThis was the style of many small high schools built in Alabama during the 1920s. I attended one just like Cloverdale way over in West Alabama, 70-odd years ago.

-Charles Humphries

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