Church of the Ascension

Church of the Ascension

…at the corner of McDonough and Clayton Streets was established in 1909, supposedly for some 50 communicants of St John’s Episcopal that lived in the new suburb south of South Street (now I-85). Many of the transfers were not really effective until Genetta Ditch (Julia Street) flooded and the reluctant members were unable to reach downtown. Their smallish sanctuary (only 400 seats) was started that year, but was not completed until 1927. This building, designed by Ralph Adams Cram of Boston, must be ranked as one of the most significant architectural works in Montgomery. Cram was the nation’s premier church architect during the first third of the previous century, and this is his only building in Alabama. The limestone faced structure is modeled after an English Parrish church of the 13th century, and the design suggests Norman or early Gothic architecture. In 1984 the building was almost destroyed by fire, but it was rebuilt and additions made.

-Charles Humphries

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