Charles Voltz Home

This crisply detailed, well-kept home at 1944 South Hull Street has an Italianate feel, and probably dates back to the late 1920s. When I moved here 60 years ago, I knew this as the home of Charles Voltz, general manager of the then still prestigious Algernon Blair construction company; Blair was a client of the architectural firm where I worked back then. But, sad to say, the story of this poor house (per my dictum that every building has a story to tell) is that this was the home of Brent and Charlotte Springford, who were both bludgeoned to death within these walls by their 29-year old son, Brent Jr, in 2004. Junior supposedly suffered bipolar disorder, and was allowed to lead a skiing life in Colorado. But he got off his meds, bussed home, did the double murders, and bussed back to Colorado. The story went viral (Denver news article on the murders).

-Charles Humphries

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