Chantilly Plantation House

Chantilly Plantation

…out along Chantilly Parkway, from wince the parkway took its name, built circa 1835. When speeding down the parkway, you can still see the old house if you know the exact instant to look. During the latter part of the previous century, the structure was often rented out as a party setting, and I have attended (sometimes hosted) many grand affairs there. Dr. Thomas B. Taylor bought Chantilly from the Ashurst family and enlarged it. Thomas married a French lass, who named their homestead “Chantilly”, which is a French term for “Cream lightly sweetened and whipped”. Dr. Taylor left the house and plantation to his sister’s son William Taylor Charles. It has stayed in the family and is now the residence of W.T. Charles’ great great grandson.

And no, this is not a current picture; I couldn’t seem to get one. Rather, this is a loaner from a descendant of the house.

-Charles Humphries & Suzanne Samuel Israel

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