Places and Things

…placed on the Capitol Grounds by the Daughter’s of the American Revolution in 1925 to acknowledge General Marquis de La Fayette’s service during the Revolution, and to commemorate his visit to Montgomery 100 years earlier. According to family records and keepsakes, my wife’s gggg-GF came from France with the General […]

The LaFayette Rock

Hank Williams Grave
The renowned Hank Williams Grave, where ceremonies are held each and every year to celebrate his life, despite its sordid end. The elaborate  and gaudy cemetery plot is flood-lighted at night to retard vandalism. It’s sad to me, that with as many historical and deserving people as are interred in Oakwood […]

Hank Williams Grave

Alley tank
I love the idea of the downtown Alley Bars and nightlife, but I’m having a hard time with Jeff’s tank. Pity the poor Architectural Review Board, which had to rule on it as appropriate for a historic district (of which I was a member at its inception a half-century ago). […]

The Alleyway Tank

George Wallace Grave
Here in the lighthouse circle astride the Greenwood Cemetery entrance drive, lies the remains of the renowned George Corley Wallace, powerful political figure, elected governor of Alabama four terms (five if you count Lurleen), twice 3rd party candidate for POTUS. His wife, Governor Lurleen, lies beside him. The Ionic columns […]

George Wallace Grave

Desoto Rock
The de Soto Rock monument is appropriately ensconced within the Academic Circle at Maxwell, directly in front of the History Building. The Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto trekked through these parts circa 1540, and supposedly he encamped on the river bluff site that ultimately became Maxwell AFB. -Charles Humphries

De Soto Rock Monument

This is what made EastChase possible. The view is of the South terminus of the I-85 Interstate, as it intersects I-65, but this was the artery that changed Montgomery’s growth from Southeast to East. No event has had more impact on our city (nor on our nation, for that matter) […]

Interstate 85

Grain Silos
Today this one-time grain elevator is a police sub-station. It sits high up on the bank, benevolently overlooking the complex. But just 15 years ago this strange creation served as Montgomery’s train station…yes, Montgomery, which in 1900 boasted the two grandest railroad depots in all of central Alabama. Union Station […]

Grain Silos

This life-size bronze of little Helen Keller stands quietly, unlighted, virtually un-noticed, in the back, lower Lobby of the Alabama Public Library Service out on Monticello Drive. The piece was sculpted by South Montgomery County artist Clydetta Fulmer, a graduate of Alabama Christian Academy. It depicts a young Helen sitting […]

Helen Keller Bronze Statue