built this structure at 1021 Madison Avenue (directly opposite the Bibb Graves Armory) in the early 1950s, complete with the awful insertion of glass block. But despite that faux pas, it has this slight Federal Style feel, and appears somewhat staid to be a Shriner redoubt. I do understand that […]

Alcazar Shrine

sits directly across the street from the Brick-a-Day Church, and houses the Police Dept, the City Jail and City Court. It was built in 1966; before that City Court was held in the small Council Chamber at City Hall (recently abandoned in favor of new quarters on Court Square in […]

City Municipal Building

located in the woods just off Perry Hill Road at its juncture with Interstate I-85. California style. This is the initial building of a 9-building campus, probably planted in the mid 1980s. The Alabama Mental Health Dept was located out here in ca 1989, until it was brought back downtown […]

Interstate Office Park

The first of the six white concrete buildings that surround the State Capitol. You should ask how Archives ever got the first building. Well, it was like this: Marie Bankhead Owen 1869-1954 was instrumental in forming Alabama’s Archives Department in 1901, the first of its kind in the nation. She […]

The Archives and History Building

Crump Center
Oh, the irony of it all. A couple years ago the Crump Center, a City-operated redoubt for the Still-Agile-Elderly, was moved from its former smallish Elizabethan Style home on Highland Avenue, way out onto Federal (now Congressman Dickinson) Drive, past the Coliseum. Today the center holds forth in this huge, […]

Crump Center

Downtown Post Office
on Catoma Street sits directly opposite the Davis Building on the site of the old Davis Motor Co (whose mechanic wrecked my Pontiac in 1953, when he took it from the shop to run a personal errand).  This was built in 1977, during the Carter Administration, when our “real Post […]

Downtown Post Office

Sage Blockhouse 2
The 4-story reinforced concrete blockhouse . . . at Gunter Annex was constructed in 1957 as part of a hush-hush AF system which was to provide early warning of a Soviet nuclear attack. Us citizens were sure this facility would lead the Soviets to target Montgomery if they decided to attack. […]

Sage Blockhouse

Kilby Prison
In 1970 the Old Kilby Prison was nearing its demise, but still in operation. It was Alabama’s Alcatraz, built 1922, huge, forbidding, located only 4 miles from downtown on a site that is now the NE corner of old Federal Drive and Coliseum Blvd. Its 20-foot high, 6-foot thick perimeter […]

Old Kilby Prison

State Trooper Licensing
out on Coliseum Boulevard. It was built in 1954. Alabama’s Trooper unit was created in 1935 as The Alabama Highway Patrol, back when Bibb Graves was governor. It began with 74 officers, who underwent a ten day crash course at the Gay-Teague Hotel on Commerce Street. Gov Graves intended that […]

State Trooper Licensing Unit

Forensics Lab
on the corner of Norman Bridge and Carter Hill Roads, was completed recently. It anchors the SW corner of the ASU campus, and signals the conclusion of a political struggle that extended over a decade. For years Forensics was the underfunded stepchild of State government, and had to choose between […]

State Forensics Lab

County Health Department
at 3060 Mobile Highway was built by the County Commission in 1994. It is operated under the authority of the State Health Department (Mobile and Jefferson County Health Departments are independent). The first floor of this building is one of six primary health care centers in our county, and it […]

County Health Department

County Jails
  The new jail (on the right) connects to the old jail (on the left) via a bridge across McDonough Street. The new facility, with its 700 bed capacity, brings the total capacity up to 1100. That’s hard to believe, considering that for 30 years 1957-1986 our county jail capacity […]

County Jails

Intermodal Parking Deck
The deck is positioned to serve RiverWalk activities, Biscuit games, the Convention Center, Train Shed functions, the Alley bars, and the RSA’s new performing arts center. The bridge towers which lead across the tracks to the river walk are visible on the right end. The deck, including the bridge, cost $17 […]

Intermodal Parking Deck