Some of you won’t believe it, but in 1970 this pink and black structure at 2827 East South Boulevard was the Montgomery presence of the University of Alabama. At the time this was a hot property, situated directly across the boulevard from highly successful neighbors Wal-Mart, Gulf American Insurance and the […]

University of Alabama Montgomery Presence

Flowers Hall
was constructed in 1910 in English Tudor Gothic style, following the lead of prominent East coast colleges. It was the first building on the new 55-acre campus of the Women’s College of Alabama, and for many years it was the only building.  During those early years Flowers housed classrooms, the […]

Huntingdon Flowers Hall

Highland Avenue
Built in 1903, somewhat Romanesque in style. Still a school after 100-plus years. It fronts on a wide boulevard which originally had street car tracks in its median. The tracks were laid about 1890 when Montgomery’s streetcar system was electrified –the first in the world. My wife’s great grandfather, Robert […]

Highland Avenue School

Carnegie Library 1
…was completed in 1904 using a $50,000 gift to the local  “Library Association” from steel magnet Andrew Carnegie, for construction of a “free library”. Objection was made to the use of “Yankee charity”, but that reservation was soon overcome. Carnegie funded 2500 such public libraries, and 14 were in Alabama. […]

Carnegie Library

Montgomery Zoo
is located at 2301 Coliseum Parkway out in Chisolm, probably on land that was one time a part of the Kilby reservation. It was founded as part of Oak Park in 1920; declared to be the Montgomery Zoo in 1935, and moved to this 48-acre site in Chisolm in 1974. […]

Montgomery Zoo

…is an independent nonsectarian private school located at 6010 Vaughn Road. It serves over 1,000 students, and this is its administrative building, situated at the head of a 25 acre campus. The school was founded in 1955 by Dr Stanley Frazer, pastor of St James Methodist Church, then located on […]

St. James School

Museum of Fine Arts
…moved from its previous quarters on McDonough Street downtown into this structure in the Blount Park in 1988. The museum was founded in 1930 and is the oldest fine arts museum in Alabama. It draws 160,000 visitors a year. Although its most outstanding holdings are built around the 41-piece American […]

Museum of Fine Arts

Auburn Montgomery 1
…a 5,000 student branch campus of Auburn University, is situated on a 500-acre campus seven miles east of downtown. It was officially founded by an Act of the State Legislature in 1968, but its roots go back to 1936, when the University of Alabama operated the entity as an extension […]

Auburn University Montgomery (AUM)

Gayle Planetarium
at Oak Park, built in 1966 under the administration of Earl James, and named for “Tacky” Gayle, the last of the Gunter Machine mayors. Tacky held the office for eight years, until Earl James beat him in 1958. My memories include discussions with WMP as to how to build the […]

Gayle Planetarium

Jones Law School
This view of the first block of Commerce Street conjures up so many stories. One of my favorites involves the Odyssey of the Jones Law School. The conversant amongst you will recall that the school was founded in 1928 by my very distant cousin, the omnipotent Judge Walter B Jones, […]

Jones Law School

MA Bridge
The Montgomery Academy was founded in 1959 by a small group of well-off Montgomery families who were determined to provide a quality substitute for the doomed public school system. For the first few years it held classes on Perry Street in the former “Sable Governor’s Mansion“. Just ahead of I-85 […]

Montgomery Academy

Faulkner University
a private, 2500 student, university affiliated with the Church of Christ, and located on the Atlanta Highway just west of East Boulevard. It was founded in 1942 as a small Bible school, and became Alabama Christian College a decade later. In the beginning its modest campus was located on Ann […]

Faulkner University

Barnes School for Boys
Now at 512 South Court Street, was a desperate salvage of the Montgomery County Historical Society, and now serves as Society headquarters. In 1996 that group moved the landmark from Catoma Street, where it had been evicted by GSA’s Federal Courthouse project. The Barnes School closed in 1942, and the […]

Barnes School For Boys