Jackson Hospital
Today (top), and circa 1920 (bottom view). It began as Highland Park Sanitarium in a row of houses on Forest Avenue. In the upper view you can see the bridge which connected the old building to the doctor’s offices on the left. Around 1975 the bridge held the quite-famous Ponte […]

Jackson Hospital

Elite Cafe 1
The site of Montgomery’s renowned Elite Cafe (pronounced E-lite) at 121 Montgomery Street. It opened in 1910 and during its 1940s-‘50s heyday, it was known region wide. In that era, all the guests at the numerous masked balls would reassemble here after the dance was over and continue the revelry […]

Elite Cafe

Real Estate Financing
The Perry Street home of the onetime Real Estate Financing Inc, a creation of Edwin Auerbach Sr. Ed returned to his insurance business after WW-II and found a tremendous need for financing of a pent-up housing market. Backed by his mother-in-law, he was able to grow a new business that […]

Real Estate Financing Inc

Bishop Parker
at 152 Coosa Street (across from the stadium) was built as a Schloss & Kahn wholesale  grocery warehouse in 1905. Its current use signals the 1995 return of that venerable old furniture store to the downtown area whence it came. BP founder Charlie Parker was my wife’s uncle. -Charles Humphries

Bishop Parker Warehouse

Bus Council
The headquarters is at 2 North Jackson Street, sits right behind the huge Gordon Persons Building, very appropriate since Persons was the last businessman governor we’ve managed to elect. The Council represents over 5,000 Alabama businesses, and was formed in 1985 with the merger of the Alabama Chamber of Commerce and […]

Business Council of Alabama

John Knox
at 4401 Narrow Lane Road, opened in 1970 as a new concept in elder-care. It was built by the East Alabama Presbytery, using some kind of Federal grant, offering “Christian care” assisted living apartments for retired people. A highly rated skilled nursing facility was added in 1976, and a dementia […]

John Knox Manor

at 105 Tallapoosa Street was a 1903 collaboration between architect Frank Lockwood and contractor Algenon Blair. The keystone arch theme almost gives it a whimsical feel. The Winter-Loeb wholesale grocery company was organized circa 1895 by immigrants Isaac Winter and his brother-in-law, Jacques Loeb. My wife’s grandfather, Edward Eugene Langham, […]

Winter-Loeb Building

…founded 1903, is situated on Narrow Lane Road at the head of Fairview Avenue. Their present handsome clubhouse (pictured) is pseudo Greek Revival, called that because its exterior is synthetic stucco on Styrofoam. Their first club, built 1905, was on Carter Hill at the head of Narrow Lane. Their second […]

Montgomery Country Club

Advertiser Plant
located adjacent to the Intermodal Deck on Molton. The Advertiser, predecessor of which was founded in 1829, is today only a cog in the Gannett media chain. But it had a proud and illustrious history. It claims to have been the leading newspaper of the Confederate States. The paper has […]

Advertiser Plant

Hilltop Arms
High above the City at 600 Montgomery Street was probably built with much pride about 1950. I actually worked there in a first floor office for a few months in 1954. Today it is a failed, abandoned blight which looms over our downtown. All its windows are broken out, no […]

Hilltop Arms

Looking at the flea market image on Coliseum Boulevard, you would never suspect that long ago this modest strip-mall was East Montgomery’s answer to the mighty Normandale Shopping Center on the South side of town. Birmingham’s Loveman’s Department Store anchored Normandale, so the Montgomery Fair, our homegrown version, became the […]

Eastbrook Shopping Center

Steiners-Lobman 1
…stands at the corner of Commerce and Tallapoosa. By 1900, lower Commerce had become the wholesale center of central Alabama. The wide street was paved with Belgian granite ballast blocks. It was an impressive street, and the most impressive building on it was the 1891 Steiner-Lobman wholesale dry goods building. […]

Steiner-Lobman Building

777 S Lawrence
is directly behind the ”Y” on Lawrence Street.  It was built with great pride in 1964, back when it had only two floors and an open court at its center. The design won an AIA Regional Honor Award. It became the center of a 3-building complex that we grandly called […]

777 South Lawrence

Downtown YMCA
on South Perry just South of I-85, was built in 1963 and represented a giant step for the Montgomery “Y”, which was then only 15 years old. Back then this was a neighborhood facility, male only, which also accommodated the business community. Today this center is adult only, and because […]

Downtown YMCA

Jeff Davis Hotel
Located on Montgomery Street, it was our convention center in 1969. That year the Gulf States Region of the A.I.A. met in Montgomery for its semiannual gathering. The hotel had recently added two stacked banquet halls by enclosing the space between itself and the adjacent Sheppard Building. Wonderful accommodations. At […]

Jefferson Davis Hotel

Green Lantern
It’s at the corner of Carter Hill and McGehee Roads and where I banked. Back as far as the “Roaring 20s”, out on the outskirts of town, there was this notorious dive called the Green Lantern on this site. It was “gangster built”, dark inside, had a dance floor, served platter-sized steaks. […]

Green Lantern Branch Bank

In 1928 this was the site of a small “Great A&P Tea Co” grocery store, maybe in this very building. A decade later the A&P had built a much grander store directly across Hull Street, and this little structure had become the Hull Street Market. Their new owner, Rubin Hanan, struggled […]

Penny Profit Food Store