built this structure at 1021 Madison Avenue (directly opposite the Bibb Graves Armory) in the early 1950s, complete with the awful insertion of glass block. But despite that faux pas, it has this slight Federal Style feel, and appears somewhat staid to be a Shriner redoubt. I do understand that […]

Alcazar Shrine

I must pay homage to the D W Moody Hardware Store. Moody hardware stores have been important fixtures in Montgomery as long as I have lived here. Soon after he returned home from WW II, Dempsey Moody opened this store, and despite numerous setbacks, he refused to surrender. DW did […]

D W Moody Hardware Store

One of our many schizo bank buildings, this one having been built in the early 1970s as the main offices of Montgomery’s Exchange Bank, highly and proudly visible from the brand new I-85. That entity morphed into Southtrust Bank and was one of our favorite clients. Later still, the poor […]

Exchange Bank

Now offices make a wonderful reuse of the historic building. This was the old Ice House, which, in its heyday, filled such an important place in the fabric of our community. The structure housed the Segall-Nathan Ice Manufacturing Co, founded at this location during the 1920s, and it was a […]

Old Ice House

Here stands the enduring hulk of the Highland Theater, the one-time pride and joy of Montgomery’s Highland Avenue “streetcar community”. This neighborhood picture show was opened just after WW II, and managed to stay open for little more than 20 years. In 1950 it was one of 13 single screen […]

Highland Theater

at 400 South Union Street, built in 1990 by Bubba Bailey, and for years the bastion of gambling mogul Milton McGregor. It is the only major, non-govt construction that contributed to the startling rebirth of what was a quiet rundown residential street, from which all the residents could walk to […]

Bailey Building

at 1655 Federal Drive was dedicated in 1986, and is one of four such markets operated in Montgomery by the Alabama Farmer’s Market Authority. During these days of austerity, it barely clings to life. This building is the produce marketing outlet, one of a half-dozen buildings in the complex, all […]

Montgomery State Farmers Market

Part of the Montgomery State Farmers Market on Federal Drive at Coliseum Boulevard. It has provided breakfast and lunch for produce vendors and their customers for a quarter century. This building was the one most visible from the intersection, and it stood as the image of the complex. Notice in the […]

State Market Cafe

The Offices of the Hatton-Brown Publishing Co, 225 Hanrick Street, sits at the very top of the hill between Clay and Herron streets, downtown’s parallel exit-access routes to Interstate I-65. From that vantage point it offers a grand view of the Alabama River and the I-65 bridge. The building occupies […]

Hatton-Brown Publishing Co.

retirement home for the elderly, at 135 S Panama Street, stands directly behind Capitol Heights Baptist Church. It was built by the church in 1983, using Federal grant money. This is one of several massive structures that make up the complex. It nicely anchors the SE corner of Capitol Heights. […]

Capitol Heights Place

on Washington Street near South Court. Back in the old days, AT&T (Ma Bell) was looked upon as a beguine old grandmother, and its buildings were substantial additions to the fabric of the community. In the 1940s, probably before, this old structure held all the tel exchanges, which meant every […]

Telephone Company Office

located in the woods just off Perry Hill Road at its juncture with Interstate I-85. California style. This is the initial building of a 9-building campus, probably planted in the mid 1980s. The Alabama Mental Health Dept was located out here in ca 1989, until it was brought back downtown […]

Interstate Office Park

The vast but empty ARONOV BUILDING . . . stands at 474 South Court, bereft of its former glory, when it was the most important privately owned building in Montgomery. It was built circa 1966, and by 1970 it was the leased home of the US Social Security offices, the […]

Aronov Building

At the intersection of South Court and our derelict Southern Boulevard. Fifty years ago there was no Interstate route thru Montgomery, and this was the highway travel path. Montgomery’s center of commercial and construction activity was along this strip, and the “88” was the keenest structure in the area. It […]

88 Building

Greystone Hotel 2
The once-grand Greystone, at 100 Commerce Street, was built in 1928. It was constructed as the Armstrong Hotel, or Cherokee Hotel, but was damaged by a fire in 1921 and sold off to become the Greystone. The 10-story classical structure was once nominated for listing on the National Register of […]

Greystone Hotel

Occupies a commanding location on the corner formed by I-85, Perry Hill and Carmichael Road. Besides its high visibility, the Aronov 5-story Class-A office building boasts nicely landscaped, well kept grounds. -Charles Humphries

Carmichael Center

Located in the bottom immediately behind the Crump Community Center (previous slide), alongside the old C of Ga tracks, boasts 12 lighted, hard surface tennis courts, shuffle board, picnic tables and the pictured clubhouse/ pro-shop. The park was originally opened as Bruce Park in 1971 during Mayor Earl James’ administration, […]

O’Conner Tennis Center

513 Madison
Bill Pearson and I were two chastened young men, when in 1956 we moved into this building at 513 Madison Avenue to make our second try at starting an architectural practice. We rented a single room at the very back of the neigh vacant upper floor and set out on a 50-year […]

Madison 513