Belvoir Mansion

Belvoir Mansion

at 3250 Thomas Avenue, was built in the mid-1920s, when Thomas was little more than a country lane. The large estate is surrounded by an intimidating wall, and the structure appears to be a blending of Washington’s neo-classical Georgian Mount Vernon, and Thomas Jefferson’s penchant for Palladian style. In French, Belvoir means “Beautiful to See”, and I’m guessing the name came from the old Belvoir Plantation (now Fort Belvoir) on the Potomac River. The depicted house was built by William C Oates, Jr, son of our famous one-armed governor of that name, whose full-size likeness stands vigilant in Oakwood Cemetery. Oates Junior was secretary of the Alabama Securities Commission, and from that avocation he amassed sufficient wealth to erect the statue and this mansion. But I expect his daddy left him with a head start.

-Charles Humphries

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