stands on West 5th Street at the foot of Forest Avenue, and has been a quiet but vital cog in the Montgomery school system for neigh onto 90 years. It traces back into the 1920s, but even today it serves as a magnet elementary school in our system. In 2007, […]

Forest Avenue School

…placed on the Capitol Grounds by the Daughter’s of the American Revolution in 1925 to acknowledge General Marquis de La Fayette’s service during the Revolution, and to commemorate his visit to Montgomery 100 years earlier. According to family records and keepsakes, my wife’s gggg-GF came from France with the General […]

The LaFayette Rock

at 400 South Union Street, built in 1990 by Bubba Bailey, and for years the bastion of gambling mogul Milton McGregor. It is the only major, non-govt construction that contributed to the startling rebirth of what was a quiet rundown residential street, from which all the residents could walk to […]

Bailey Building

at 1655 Federal Drive was dedicated in 1986, and is one of four such markets operated in Montgomery by the Alabama Farmer’s Market Authority. During these days of austerity, it barely clings to life. This building is the produce marketing outlet, one of a half-dozen buildings in the complex, all […]

Montgomery State Farmers Market

Part of the Montgomery State Farmers Market on Federal Drive at Coliseum Boulevard. It has provided breakfast and lunch for produce vendors and their customers for a quarter century. This building was the one most visible from the intersection, and it stood as the image of the complex. Notice in the […]

State Market Cafe

Above is the pedestrian bridge over the main (former L&N) railroad tracks that run thru Montgomery. The bridge connects the Trenholm Tech Library to the remainder of the Trenholm campus, and thus circumvents what was a tortuous 5-minute auto trip for students to reach the school Library.  Of course, all this […]

Trenholm Bridge

The former headquarters . . . out in Executive Park, bereft of its former glory. Probably vacant now, but 30 years ago this rather nondescript building was the home of the renowned Kindercare Corporation, and it operated kindergarten “learning centers” in every state. It was certainly one of the most […]

Kindercare Headquarters

at 921 West Jeff Davis (if you failed to make the curve of I-85 onto I-65 South ramp, you would land atop the building). It was built in 1923, and for 75 years, as a Junior Hi, then as Elementary, it played an important role in the education of man […]

Loveless School

The Offices of the Hatton-Brown Publishing Co, 225 Hanrick Street, sits at the very top of the hill between Clay and Herron streets, downtown’s parallel exit-access routes to Interstate I-65. From that vantage point it offers a grand view of the Alabama River and the I-65 bridge. The building occupies […]

Hatton-Brown Publishing Co.

faces the Mobile Highway, while the Trenholm campus is directly behind it, on Air Base Boulevard, but separated by the main railroad tracks. Yet, considering that the structure grew out of one of Montgomery’s grand corruptions of some 35 years ago, and sat as an abandoned, half finished, hulk for […]

Trenholm Tech Library

sits directly across the street from the Brick-a-Day Church, and houses the Police Dept, the City Jail and City Court. It was built in 1966; before that City Court was held in the small Council Chamber at City Hall (recently abandoned in favor of new quarters on Court Square in […]

City Municipal Building

at 5260 Vaughn Road, was established in 1950 as an outreach of First Baptist. During its early years on Cleveland Avenue the church enjoyed phenomenal growth; in 1958 it led the State in Baptisms. During the 1960s its congregation moved East and membership declined. In 1975 Ridgecrest Church made the […]

Ridgecrest Baptist Church

retirement home for the elderly, at 135 S Panama Street, stands directly behind Capitol Heights Baptist Church. It was built by the church in 1983, using Federal grant money. This is one of several massive structures that make up the complex. It nicely anchors the SE corner of Capitol Heights. […]

Capitol Heights Place

built in 1974, signaled the end of the 1950s school building formula. New concepts in teaching and in facilities finally persuaded the School Board, and it began to experiment. Air conditioning was now demanded. Frank Johnson had destroyed the old system, and there were new mountains to conquer. The Vaughn […]

Vaughn Road Elementary

at 2514 Madison Avenue, on the corner of its intersection with Ann Street. The church was founded in 1934, and this Greek Revival sanctuary was completed in 1937, a remarkable achievement, considering that the Depression was going strong during those years. Carl Cooper (Berney Walters’ uncle) was architect. -Charles Humphries

Capitol Heights Baptist Church

on E South Boulevard at Narrow Lane Road, is headquarters for most of the State’s Baptist adherents. The original structure (left end) was put up in 1962, and the right half was added in 1997. Before that, Baptist headquarters was located downtown on South Court (opposite the bus station), then […]

Alabama Baptist Convention

Here you see the St. James United Methodist Church of yore, which faces South Court Street, and is the antecedent of the St. James United Methodist that stands today on Vaughn Road at its Ryan intersection. In the center you see the old St. James Sunday School wing, mother of […]

St. James United Methodist Church

stands on West Fairview at the foot of Oak Street. The home of the Wolverines. It cost $36M and will serve 1200 students. The old Carver, replaced by this one, was “formula constructed”, and opened its doors in 1949 as a “vocational school for Colored students”. It stood on this […]

G. W. Carver High School

The Aldersgate United Methodist Church (nee Forest Avenue Methodist) at 6610 Vaughn Road. Its first unit there was built in 1975, and its sanctuary (pictured) was erected in 1998. Aldersgate boasts a membership of 1600. Located adjacent to St. James High School. -Charles Humphries

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

positioned itself right in front of Montgomery Mall, at the tip of the triangle formed by McGehee Rd and the Boulevard. In 1973, after 50 years in furniture row on Commerce Street downtown, Charlie Parker and his partner, Borum Bishop, took the plunge and opened a branch outlet out on […]

Bishop Parker Furniture Store

located on the SW corner where Calhoun deads into Pelzer Avenue. It was organized in 1949, and by 1955 it had already completed two substantial building projects. Its present Greek Revival sanctuary was dedicated in 1965. All this was accomplished under the leadership of the renowned Reverend Louis Armstrong, who […]

Morningview Baptist Church

on Washington Street near South Court. Back in the old days, AT&T (Ma Bell) was looked upon as a beguine old grandmother, and its buildings were substantial additions to the fabric of the community. In the 1940s, probably before, this old structure held all the tel exchanges, which meant every […]

Telephone Company Office

located in the Forest Hills subdivision (takes a map to find it), was a 1950s outreach of Capitol Heights Baptist. Today it is one of the largest churches in our city. Its sanctuary was built in 1965, as one step in a 30 year client relationship forged by my partner, […]

Eastern Hills Baptist Church

located in the woods just off Perry Hill Road at its juncture with Interstate I-85. California style. This is the initial building of a 9-building campus, probably planted in the mid 1980s. The Alabama Mental Health Dept was located out here in ca 1989, until it was brought back downtown […]

Interstate Office Park

at 5780 Vaughn Road, started as a dream in 1991 when Trinity Presbyterian member, Ida Belle Young, donated 40 acres of her meadowland for the purpose of starting a new church. Two years later the church was organized, and its first worship service was held in the Trinity School Cafeteria. […]

Young Meadows Presbyterian Church

The first of the six white concrete buildings that surround the State Capitol. You should ask how Archives ever got the first building. Well, it was like this: Marie Bankhead Owen 1869-1954 was instrumental in forming Alabama’s Archives Department in 1901, the first of its kind in the nation. She […]

The Archives and History Building

at 1803 Mulberry, was founded in the 1940s, and was thriving when this sanctuary was built in 1956. It was the last job done by WMP, my business partner of neigh 50 years, before he and I left our former employer to start our own practice. At that time, the […]

Forest Park Baptist Church